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Indeed Collagen Boost Serum 30ml


Restore your skin’s youthful fullness and bounce with the Indeed Collagen Boost Serum.

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Premature skin aging and a loss of elasticity can be targeted with the Indeed Collagen Boost Serum.

Collagen is a wonder protein that builds skin strength and structure. This multi-peptide booster encourages collagen production to strengthen and thicken epidermal scaffolding. Tighten, firm and tone your skin with this booster!

Who’s it for?
– Loss of volume and firmness.
– Helps to restore skin’s elasticity.

– Improves skin tone, firmness and suppleness.
– Evens skin texture.
– Rebuilds skin structure to smooth.
– Facial lines (especially forehead).
– Grooves and crow’s feet.
– Improves skin density.
– Restores elasticity.
– Supports the natural production of collagen.

Add two to three drops to cleansed skin morning and night. Apply directly to the face, or mix with your serum, moisturizer or liquid foundation for an extra boost of firmness.





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