Lil Critters Immune C plus Zinc Gummy Vitamins

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With their delicious taste and novel gummy bear shapes, Lil Critters Immune C plus Zinc Gummy Vitamins make taking vitamins fun.


Immune C Plus Zinc Gummy Bears are not only a vitamin supplement, but can also help boost children’s immune systems to keep them healthy.They may look and taste like fruity, chewy gummy bears, but L’il Critters Immune Dietary Supplements are also an effective immune support supplement that contains vitamin C, zinc and echinacea.

Useful during cold season, Immune C Plus Zinc Gummy Bears can also be given to children all year round to keep their immune systems strong. This chewable immune support supplement is easy for children to take and also gluten free.

L’il Critters Immune Dietary Supplement (190ct) takes gummy bears, a treat that most children enjoy, and turns them into an immune support supplement that can help keep them healthy.
Available in two pack sizes

Key Benefits:

* Immune Support – Vitamins C and D plus Zinc contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.
* No artificial colours or flavours.
* 4 great natural flavours – Strawberry, Orange, Cherry and Lemon.
* Contains no Wheat (Gluten), Eggs, Milk, Peanuts, Soya, Celery, Mustard, Sesame Seeds or Shellfish.

Suggested Use:

As a food supplement, children aged 3 years or older.


190, 60


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