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Macushield Capsules 90 Pack


MacuShield is a lutein (10mg), zeaxanthin (2mg) and meso-zeaxanthin (10mg) once-a-day, easy to take, food supplement. It is taken to help prevent age-related macular degeneration leading to blindness.

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Macushield Capsules, which contain all three macular carotenoids; Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin, can uniquely enrich our protective macular pigment.

Macular pigment is solely of dietary origin and is the bodies natural filter for high energy blue light at the macula. This harsh unavoidable blue light is found in sunlight, televisions, laptops and mobile phone screens.

Macushield contains carotenoids and powerful antioxidants which will help neutralize free radicals. The formula is uniquely designed to replenish the macular pigment at the back of the eye.




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