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Medicare Nimbus Humidifier


Medicare’s Ultrasonic Nimbus Humidifier removes dust and indoor air pollutants from around the home, office, spa and more to create clean,hygienic air.

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Medicare Ultrasonic Nimbus Humidifier
are recommended for those who suffer with:
• Asthma/COPD
• Allergens
• Respiratory problems
• Nosebleeds
• Sinuses
• Dry Skin
• Also suitable for Babies/ Young Children

Some Benefits of Humidifiers include:
• Improves quality of sleep by helping to reduce snoring
• Lowers the risk of catching colds and flus and helps speed up recovery when you are sick
• Reduces the occurrence of dried out, flaked itchy skin and lips
• Relieves allergy flare ups and hay fever symptoms
• Reduces asthma triggers
• Prevents headaches and sinus congestion
• Improves appearance of your skin

Medicare Nimbus Humidifer Features:

• Uses ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist that spreads throughout the room to purify the air
• Distributes a mist into the air to eliminate odours, toxins and bacteria
• Capacity: 3.3L
• Area Coverage of 10-25m2
• 3 Timer Levels: 2 / 4/ 6 hours
• Auto shut off feature making this the perfect device to soothe you to sleep
• Includes a fragrance compartment that is suitable for essential oils
• Heat setting option of warm/cool mist
Using the aromatherapy tray the humidifier can also release a host of rejuvenating and soothing fragrance that refreshes and improves the indoor air quality and ambiance of any space.




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