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Multi-Mam Compress 12s


Multi-Mam Compresses is an intensive nipple treatment giving direct relief for the discomforts experienced by breastfeeding mothers.

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Intensive nipple treatment for breastfeeding mothers. Multi-Mam Compresses give direct relief for the discomforts experienced by breastfeeding mothers (such as pain, swelling and sensitivity). These individual compresses create moist healing conditions, prevent infection and condition the nipple area.




Key Features

  • Has a direct soothing effect on sore nipples.
  • Prevents infection (mastitis).
  • Supports the natural healing process.
  • Gel is natural, safe and harmless when swallowed.
  • Includes 12 individually wrapped compresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the Compresses, before or after breastfeeding?
We recommend you use a Compress right after feeding – if used just before feeding, the moistness can make it more difficult for your baby to latch on.

How long should I keep a Compress on my breast?
Ideally for 30 minutes – but for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of one hour.

How many times can I use one Compress?
Each Compress is for single use only. It should be disposed of after use for hygienic reasons.

I don’t have any problems yet. Is it good to use the Compresses as a precaution?
Yes, it is. The Compresses are impregnated with a bio-active gel based on the patented 2QR-complex. The 2QR-complex is unique in its ability to block harmful bacteria safely and naturally. So the Compresses generate moistness, reduce the chance of bacterial infection, and optimize the condition of the skin around your nipples.

If my baby swallows some of the gel from the Compresses, can this be harmful?
No, the gel is safe for your baby. You do not need to remove any excess gel before breastfeeding.



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