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Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser


Another game changer from Spotlight Oral Care. This time it’s in the form of their new and innovative electric Water Flosser. Using a combination of water pressure and electrical pulses, the Water Flosser provides a more thorough and deeper clean than manual flossing.

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Spotlight’s Water Flosser is ideal for those who want to maintain the best oral hygiene. Due to it’s combination of water pressure and electrical pulses it can reach areas that traditional flossing struggles with.

Crowns, braces and bridges are areas where the manual flossing can not effectively clean. Constrained by space, effective removal of food and bacteria are almost impossible. However, the Water Flosser relies on water pressure rather than string to work.

The Water Flosser is also effective in improving gum health by reducing bacteria below the gum line and offers a more gentle alternative to traditional flossing. This helps to reduce inflammation and bleeding gums.

Pair with your Sonic Toothbrush for a professional feel clean at home.


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