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Sterimar Hayfever And Allergy Reliel Nasal Spray 50ml


Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy Relief is 100% natural micro-difused sea water.
Isotonic solution enriched with Manganese.
*Free from steroids, drugs, preservatives.
*Eliminates allergens.
*Prevents allergy symptoms (sneezing, runny noses and itching)

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Sterimar Hayfever And Allergy Relief is an isotonic solution made from 100% natural micro-filtered sea water enriched with Manganese. Free from steroids, drugs and preservatives, Sterimar Hayfever And Allergy Relief is suitable from 3 years up to help to clear and cleanse nasal passages, washing out allergens responsible for allergic reactions, reducing the number of acute allergic rhinitis episodes by 42%*** and helping to prevent allergic symptoms** (sneezing, runny nose and itching).

Sterimar Hayfever And Allergy Relief helps to restore the nasal lining and keep it moisturised.

Collected from a protected site, the sea water solution is recognised for being rich in marine mineral salts and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.

Sea Water
Monohydrate Manganese Salt
Purified Water
Aseptically packaged

Approximately 150 sprays.




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