The Belle Brush Original Hair Extension Brush

Brands: The Belle Brush


This original Belle Brush was the winner of RSVP Magazines 2020 best hair brush award and it’s not difficult to see why. The bristles on the original Belle Brush have been downsized and lengthened giving the perfect dimensions to brush your hair without damaging it.

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The Belle Brush is a hair extension brush suitable for all hair extension types. From beads to bonds and glue to clip ins, The Belle Brush has you covered. Soft nylon bristles glide through your roots to prevent matting, without pulling on your extensions, while shorter bristles distribute natural hair oils from the root down to the tip to prevent dry, frizzy ends.

Large vents at the back of the brush allow air to flow through the hair evenly when drying, reducing heat damage while significantly cutting down your blow drying time.

While The Belle Brush is the perfect hair extension brush, it is also amazing for natural hair without extensions.



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