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The Handmade Soap Co Body Butter Lemongrass And Bergamot


This deliciously thick, fragrant body butter smells so divine, you’ll be forgiven for slathering it on thick. But all it takes is a little to completely nourish and pamper your skin, from head to moisturised toe.

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With a full, rich texture that melts onto skin leaving behind the most exquisite, uplifting lemongrass and bergamot scent, this is absolute luxury in a jar.
This body butter delivers silky smooth skin all day long, with a fragrance combining the softness of bergamot with gentle freshness of lemongrass. Shea butter means it provides deep moisturising and is great on stretch marks too.

For best results, use after a shower or bath. Allow a little to melt into your palm and spread easily onto your skin. For even more softness, wrap up in a robe and allow to sink in.

Ideal for anyone who likes products with natural ingredients and which smell great. Beautiful gift idea




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