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The Inkey List Omega Water Cream 50ml


A lightweight, water-based gel moisturiser that immediately hydrates the skin without oiliness.

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Supports a healthy skin barrier without oil or silicone in it’s unique formulas.

Dermatologically tested, a simple combination of Omega Fatty Acid Complex, Glycerin, Betaine and Niacinamide, work together to optimise long-lasting hydration, hel control oil levels and even skin tone.

– Helps to normalise sebum secretion, restores the hydrolipidic film in very dry skin, or dry skin after 28 days and helps to reduce the quantity of sebum in greasy skin after just 28 days.

How to use

Suitable for use in your AM and PM routine.
After cleansing and preferred serums such as hydrator Hyaluronic Acid, gently massage a pea sized amount onto the face and neck.




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