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Thealoz Duo Dry Eye Drops 10ml

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Thealoz® Duo dry eye drops are suitable for ALL dry eye sufferers including contact lens wearers, as they combine both long-lasting relief and protection for the surface of the eye.

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Winner of the “Best Eye Care Product” Award in 2021’s OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards.

100% Preser­v­a­tive-free
Protects – Hydrates – Lubricates – Repairs
Clin­i­cal­ly proven to increase the thick­ness of the tear film which relieves symp­toms of Dry Eye
Contains 0.15% Hyaluron­ic acid – this acts as a tear lubri­cant, pro­vides long-last­ing relief and soothes your symptoms
3% Tre­halose is added to pro­vide pro­tec­tion for the sur­face of the eye
Suit­able for ALL Dry Eye suf­fer­ers, includ­ing con­tact lens wearers
Unique 10ml bottle, the ABAK bottle, for easy application which has more than 300 drops and can be used for up to 3 months after opening

All Dry Eye sufferers including contact lens wearers
Peo­ple who have tried oth­er eye drops, but not found sat­is­fac­tion or comfort
All Symp­toms – From mild-to-severe

How to use ?

1 drop per eye 4-6 times daily.

Suitable for children, adults and if pregnant or breastfeeding.




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