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Utipro Plus AF 15 capsules

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Utipro Plus AF is an oral capsule available over the counter in pharmacies, without prescription. It works to control and prevent uncomplicated UTIs caused by pathogens such as E. coli and other gram (-) bacteria.

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Utipro Plus is used for the control and prevention of uncomplicated urinary tract infections caused by pathogens such as E. coli and other gram (-) bacteria normally involved in the etiology of urological infections.

Utipro Plus AF is safe, well tolerated and reduces the bacteriological and symptomatic parameters in adults, with uncomplicated UTIs.

It can help control symptoms including:

  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urination
  • Urgent urination
  • Bladder tenderness or pain


For Acute Cystitis:

From the development of the first symptoms of urinary discomfort.
Take 2 capsules per day (1 capsule every 12 hours) for 5 days.

For Recurrent UTIs:

To prevent recurrence, take 1 capsule per day for 15 consecutive days per month.5
Treatment can be repeated in cycles to prevent recurrences.




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