Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Free Of Charge Walk In Service

Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is extremely important – particularly if you are prone to high blood pressure.

Our pharmacists will help you to monitor your blood pressure by doing several checks over a period of time to get a solid reading.

At Haven Pharmacy Burkes we welcome all requests for blood pressure tests. Available as a discreet service in our consultation room, we can check your blood pressure and advise you on your readings.

Whether to reassure or to refer you to your doctor, this useful service is quick and painless.

Free Of Charge Walk In Service

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Blood Pressure Monitoring FAQs

We can advise on the following areas in order to help you to keep your blood pressure under control:

Lifestyle changes – High blood pressure can often be successfully reduced and managed by making some lifestyle changes. These include changing your diet to include less salt and processed foods and increasing your intake of fruit, vegetables and healthy grains. Increasing physical activity is also a great way of reducing high blood pressure and improving your overall health and wellness.

Dispense and review your blood pressure medication – In some cases your doctor may prescribe medication to help control your blood pressure. Your pharmacist will talk to you about your medicines, including how they work, potential side effects, what your dosage is and when is the best time to take them.

Weight management – Maintaining a healthy BMI is important for a healthy blood pressure and help to prevent against other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Smoking cessation – Stopping smoking is one of the best changes that you can make in your journey towards better health, including lowering high blood pressure. We have many tools in-store to help your cravings when you stop smoking such as nicotine replacement patches, gums, inhalers and lozenges.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80mmHg. Blood pressure may increase or decrease depending on a range of factors such as age, diet, heart health, emotions, activity, the medication you take, smoking and ca­ffeine intake.
Yes. High Blood pressure tends to run in families. Individuals whose parents have hypertension have an elevated risk of developing the condition, particularly if both parents are affected. However, the inheritance pattern is unknown.
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